6V 24V Worm Gear Motor 12V Reducer 3-210RPM DC High Torque Electric Motor Metal Gear Reverse Self Lock For Automation Equipment.

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Product Discription

This is a worm motor with larger size and torque. If necessary, click on the image to learn more and purchase.


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Question 1: why still not receive my order?

Answer 1: sometime, some cargo would be slightly delay on road. Please contact with us first, we will offer a good solution for you. 


Question 2: how to change rotation direction?

Answer 2: please change wiring polarity to change rotation direction. 


Question 3: how to change speed?

Answer 3: you can buy our below speed controller, to change speed from 0-10rpm.


Question 4: what do "self locking" mean?

Answer 4: It is the feature of this motor, when power off, this motor also has lock torque, can not easy to move by other force. It can be used for some special purpose. Such as Anti-theft sliding doors.

Question 5: do you have other motor with other parameter?

Answer 5: yes, we are factory of motors, please contact with us.

Question 6: What is the load speed and what is the no-load speed?

Answer 6: The speed at which the motor has no load weight is the no-load speed. If the motor rotates to drive the weight, the speed is the load speed.

Question 7: What is the meaning of PackageA PackageB?

Answer 7: If you order PackageA, you will receive a motor as shown in the picture "PackageA". If you order PackageB, you will receive a motor and a bracket as shown in the "PackageB" picture. We show what you will receive in the package image.

Question 8: What happens when a voltage of 18V is connected to a 12V motor or a 18V motor?

Answer 8: The 12V motor connection 18V voltage will be broken, and the 24V motor connection 18V voltage will affect its speed and torque, and will not even run.


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        ( If you buy our controller, and  this motor is 40rpm speed, so can adjust speed from  0 to 40rpm, Such as 12v 40rpm, can adjust 0-40rpm)




Before you buy, we have a reminder, please carefully check the following parameters table, you can see the rated load torque and stall torque, if you choose one of the speed, your project load can not exceed load torque, otherwise the motor current will increase, the motor operating temperature increases, after a period of time, the gear will be worn, line will be burnd, the motor will be damaged, can not continue to work.










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