Worm Gear Motor 12V 24V Reversed 12-470rpm DC Motor High Torque 3.4-70kg Self-Lock For Curtain Machine Billboard Home Equipment.

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Product Discription

      If you are satisfied with our products and services, please give them a good review. If you have any questions, please contact us. Your five-star rating is the best encouragement for us. We look forward to your feedback. 好评-A58 ​ Solution:


Question 1: why still not receive my order?

Answer 1: sometime, some cargo would be slightly delay on road. Please contact with us first, we will offer a good solution for you. 


Question 2: how to change rotation direction?

Answer 2: please change wiring polarity to change rotation direction. 


Question 3: how to change speed?

Answer 3: you can buy our below speed controller, to change speed from 0-10rpm.


Question 4: what do "self locking" mean?

Answer 4: It is the feature of this motor, when power off, this motor also has lock torque, can not easy to move by other force. It can be used for some special purpose. Such as Anti-theft sliding doors.

Question 5: do you have other motor with other parameter?

Answer 5: yes, we are factory of motors, please contact with us.

Question 6: What is the load speed and what is the no-load speed?

Answer 6: The speed at which the motor has no load weight is the no-load speed. If the motor rotates to drive the weight, the speed is the load speed.

Question 7: What is the meaning of PackageA PackageB?

Answer 7: If you order PackageA, you will receive a motor as shown in the picture "PackageA". If you order PackageB, you will receive a motor and a bracket as shown in the "PackageB" picture. We show what you will receive in the package image.

Question 8: What happens when a voltage of 18V is connected to a 12V motor or a 18V motor?

Answer 8: The 12V motor connection 18V voltage will be broken, and the 24V motor connection 18V voltage will affect its speed and torque, and will not even run.


We offer Customized Speed service. And only we can offer so much speed for choosing.  


12V no load speed: 


12rpm 16rpm  27rpm 40rpm 80rpm 160rpm  260rpm  470rpm;


  24V no load speed:    5rpm 7rpm 10rpm 12rpm    16rpm    17rpm    25rpm    27rpm 35rpm    40rpm    50rpm 70rpm     80  rpm 100rpm 110rpm 160rpm 200rpm  260rpm    300rpm    470rpm;


The main purpose of this motor: Robots, DIY, entertainment equipment, curtain machine, billboard motor, intelligent equipment and so on.


Motor support Reversed running and has more noise when reversed running than normal running, this is a normal phenomenon, please know before buying.


Motor Feature: High torque, self-lock,  D type shaft.     What is self-locking function?   After disconnect the power supply, the shaft can be securely locked, even if you want to rotate the shaft by hand, The shaft still will not move, so when your project is not connected to the power, you can make your project safely stay somewhere.   For example, if you use this motor to make a barbecue, after the power is turned off, the shaft stops rotating, since the shaft is connected to your device, your device has gravity, because the motor have self-locking function, so the shaft will not slip by gravity, and it will be safely stopped in a certain direction, your food can be safely barbecued.   (If you buy our controller, and want  A rpm speed, so can adjust speed from  0 to A rpm, Such as 12v 16rpm, can adjust 0-16rpm)     Note :  1) your project load can not exceed rated load torque, otherwise the motor current will increase, the motor operating temperature increases, after a period of time, the gear will be worn, line will be burnd, the motor will be damaged, can not continue to work.   2) If you connect the voltage less than the rated voltage, the rated torque will be reduced.     If you need to know the motor parameters you want to select, please see the following parameter table. If you have any questions, you can give us information in the message area.    Note : For example, if you choose motor Other speed and Package 1 or Package 2 etc. You will need to leave a message to tell us the speed and voltage of your choice.
  Please see the Voltage Rated and No load speed in the following table. For example, you can choose 12v 40rpm,   12v 160rpm,   24v 470rpm   etc.   We have to shipping randomly according to storage  if did not get your message within 24 hours after your payment. Thanks for your understanding!   A total of 16 combination package, please read on, thank you       A58     20180626_093623_100 2 (1)2 (2)CCM6N链接方式AA2ABAD(1)AJAR20180626_093623_101 20180626_093623_102      233694984;

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